Joe Foster
was born in California in 1972, lives in Seoul, and plays improvised music. His main collaborators have been J.P. Jenkins, Bryan Eubanks, Bonnie Jones (as the duo English), Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong, Ryu Hankil, and Kevin Parks, but that's really not all. He's been in the groups Super Unity, Peevish, Don Brown and Dan Reynolds, and English, and has released CDRs, a CD, and a cassette.

You can get his music at Erstdist

An interview
actually, a questionnaire posed to dozens of improvisers by the addlimb collective in Belgrade, Serbia

A concert review
of English and English/Sachiko M at the Erstquake 3 festival in NYC, 2006

An English cdr review
by Jason Bivins for Dusted magazine

Another English cdr review
by Dan Warburton for Paris Transatlantic

A Kevin Parks and Joe Foster cd review
by Richard Pinnell for Bagatellen

A few words
from others about the music

A picture
of Joe

A picture
of a half-horse / half-zebra

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